Uber Nigeria Recruitment 2023/2024 Application Guide

Uber Nigeria Limited Car & App, Partners/Drivers Recruitment 2023

You have indicated interest in finding about the Uber recruitment for drivers and partners. Please, read this post to find out about Uber  car requirements as well as how to get recruited as a Driver partner with Uber.

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What is Uber?

Uber ride has become the first transport choice for most people in Lagos and Abuja part of Nigeria because that is where they have full operation. People have preferred this means of transportation because if the comfort and safety it provides.

Uber Nigeria App

Uber ride was setup in Nigeria to be a primary solution for reliability and comfort during travels or transportation in Lagos and Abuja. The easy to use Uber App makes connection between drivers and passengers easy and at will.

Uber technology uses a special algorithm via the app that matches the customer to the nearest pre-verified taxi and provides a fare estimate. The app also automatically charges the customers registered card and the driver also gets paid directly into his bank account weekly, so no cash ever needs to be exchanged.

The Uber Nigeria App helps both Uber drivers and Uber riders to travel around the city at will with just one single click on the Uber Nigeria App.

The Uber Nigeria app is easily navigated, flexible and beneficial to both uber riders and uber drivers.

Advantages of using the Uber transportation(Uber App)

  • No office visits to book transportation. Everything is done at comfort through the application. Just request for a ride and BOOM your ride is secure.
  • Uber Riders and drivers can now communicate blissfully with each other. This was introduced in the Series of new features that followed the latest update on the Uber app. Riders and drivers can communicate without exchanging numbers or personal details.
  • Safety is guaranteed because of monitor of all Uber cars for every drive.
  • Drivers can set destination time (expected arrival time)for their destination. Helping them program their movements and as well connect with other riders at the same path so they can pick them and make more money.
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Uber Services in Nigeria have been given a five-star rating by so many. It is so far the best transport service in the country so far.

Uber Nigeria Car Requirements

The Uber car  requirements has been a major issue for interested personnel (drivers and partners) due to the fact that they lacked correct information of the requirements. The requirements for Uber Car in Nigeria are clearly stated in this section of this article.

It is however useful to take into notice that not all cars are accepted by uber.

Examples of required vehicles accepted by Uber Nigeria include; Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Toyota, Prado etc.

For your car to be accepted to be part of Uber Nigeria Limited, as a driver, then it must meet the following requirements below:

  1. Vehicles must be clean
  2. Vehicles must be sedan (no Patches accepted)
  3. Accepted Vehicles must not be older than 2009
  4. All vehicles to registered and accepted must have a working air condition (A.C)
  5. A car to be used must possess a Working radio. A car radio must be present; it is one of the most important requirements
  6. Electric windows;
  7. The required width for cars is about 170mm minimum width
  8. Calculating your mileage with Uber system, it should be a maximum of 100KMs
  9. Uber does not accept full size vans, like Ford crown Victorias, Mercury Grand , Lincoln Town cars etc.
  10. To be eligible for Uber Vehicles, vehicles should be clean.
  11. All Cars for Uber Nigeria Should have a seat belt on all the seats in the vehicle
  12. If you are a driver who lives in Lagos, you should the Lagos state driver’s institute card and your personal driver’s license.
  13. All vehicles will remain with Uber Nigeria unless complaints is received from the riders about the vehicle quality.
  14. The Vehicle registered should undergo a background check by the Uber and the Nigerian Police force. We have written on background this in Our Article Uber Abuja Contact Details.
  15. Only one driver is only allowed to drive one car, this means that multiple car registration by drivers is not permitted.
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Kindly be aware that Uber Nigeria reserves the right to refuse a vehicle that does not meet the above requirements and can as well modify this criteria without notice.

 Requirements for one to Become an Uber Driver

  • Provision of drivers’ License gotten at the FRSC (federal road safety) offices anywhere in the country.
  • Alongside the Drivers’ License they also need to posses the Lagos State Drivers Institute Card (LASDRI) for Lagos drivers and FCT drivers instituted ID card for Abuja drivers.
  • Provision of the contract agreement between the Car owner and the Vehicle driver, if the driver of the car is not the owner of the car.
  • Background check which will cost 20 thousand (N20,000) Naira and can be paid in bits.

**The background check for Uber drivers is only carried out after the prospective applicants (driver) have undergone the necessary training and are found worthy by Uber Nigeria. The background check is done by Uber in association with the Nigerian Police force to check the driver’s criminal records(if any); to ensure the safety of the passengers**

  • Vehicle License from the car owner.
  • CAC(corporate affairs commission) registration and also GPS registration.

After all, Drivers will be tested for their aptitude, city knowledge and their use of the Uber App . This will follow with the drivers’ background check.

How to Become a Uber Partner


  1. Create a profile by going to partners.uber.com. After that, follow the steps below:
  2. Set Up Bank Account Details: Enter your Bank Account information (must be valid and active) at vault.uber.com
  3. Vehicle Setup: Add your vehicle(s) and transfer the archives you see underneath
  4. Set Up Driver: For every driver in your record, include a substantial Driver’s License and Lagos State Drivers Institute Card (LASDRI) for Lagos and FCT drivers instituted ID card for Abuja.
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To book a driver for onboarding, you will first need to visit your partner dashboard and a driver by visiting partners.uber.com/drivers/. Select “Add A Driver” and have their documents uploaded. If you have already added your driver to your partner dashboard or will be driving yourself you can skip this step.

If you don’t have a driver, visit Partners – Looking for a Driver to place a request for one.



  • Endorsement of roadworthiness – got from the authorizing office
  • Tint Permit (for tinted vehicles)
  • Endorsement of Incorporation
  • Ownership Endorsement
  • Vehicle License Number

Note that: Reports are audited every 12 hours on working days

Third Step: Onboarding Sessions

  1. Go to a New Partner Info Session – Wednesdays at 6pm or Fridays at 10.30am
  2. Plan for a vehicle inspection by visiting www.meetme.so/uberlagos (select Vehicle Inspection)
  3. Register for an onboarding session @ www.meetme.so/lagosonboarding (for every driver in your record)
  4. To be a full-fledged Uber Partner, a record verification fee charge of N20,000 will be paid for every driver on your record.

Drivers should attend the sessions fully prepared – please advise them to come with: – A valid drivers license (at least 90 days till expiration) – LASDRI card.

Drivers should be dressed in a smart dress shirt, trousers (no jeans) and covered shoes

Background Checks: Drivers will also be able to submit their background check information on the day and should come with:

  • Two passport photographs
  • Full address and previous employer details
  • Details of two qualifying guarantors

For Contact Details


Official website: www.ubernigeria.com

Mail: partners.lagos@uber.com


Official website: www.ubernigeria.com

Office Address:  Regus, River House, 83 Ralph Shoeinde Street, Central Business District, Abuja.

If you have any questions or contribution for this topic, kindly drop a comment below and you will get a reply almost immediately.


  1. Good day,sir or madam,,pls am a driver,whose name is Mr emeka onumajuru Kingsley,,a native of imo state,I stay around Ayobo axis,since four yrs now,I have been out of the business,,and I want to go back now,how do I go about it,,ineed a car

    1. Please go to the Uber Recruitment website to find out about everything you need to know and r=the requirements for getting recruited.

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