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Apply for NECO Recruitment 2023 | Guidelines Provided Here and How to Apply

Took us quite a while to compile this resourceful and useful piece of information. The article here provided will guide you throughout your NECO recruitment process.

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Kindly note that the National Examination Council recruitment for 2023 is rumored to be ongoing at the for the time being.

This resourceful piece will provide you with information that will serve as an absolute guide in the upcoming NECO recruitment.

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A brief information about National Examination Council

The National Examination Council popularly referred to as NECO is an Examination conducting body in the country. They are prominent for conducting both the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination(SSCE) which usually starts around June/July and the GCE(GEneral certificate in education which starts around November/ December).

Information provided in this article will include the recruitment portal, brief information about the National Examinations Council (NECO) in Nigeria,  how to apply for NECO 2023 recruitment form, requirements for NECO recruitment as well as other related information to help you score this job.

Unarguably, we all know that getting selected for a job(especially one in an agency as prestigious as National Examinations Council ); you need to know the qualifications, requirements, and other related info before applying for NECO Recruitment 2023.

I’d advise that you read through this article carefully and with great focus because it contains vital information intended to guide you and score you a job with the NECO body.

Requirements For NECO Recruitment 2023

For those interested in applying for the Nigerian Copyright Commission recruitment, you need to make sure you possess the following:

  1. Five (5) credit grades in WASCCE/GCE/GCE including Maths, English and 3 other relevant subjects obtained in one sitting.
  2. Geographical mobility within and outside State of Residence
  3. Professional qualification/work experience in effective selling and marketing will be an added advantage.
  4. A Degree certificate (BSc, HND) in any relevant discipline in the quantitative field
  5. Computer literacy (conversance with Microsoft Office, Web Applications and the use of relevant applications)
  6. Applicants must possess a valid means of identification (like National Id card, International Passport, drivers’ license, Voter’s card)
  7. Applicant must be an inherent citizen of Nigeria
  8. Applicant must be innovative and willing to adapt to new ideas/ environment.
  9. Candidates as well must be willing to cope with the core values of the Agency which are hard-work, dedication, Focus and improvisation.

Take into cognizance though that at the moment the NECO Recruitment form is not yet out for application.

This web page will be updated as soon as the form is out for grabs. You should continually visit this web-page to stay updated once the form is out.

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How to Apply for NECO Recruitment 2023

To apply for the NECO recruitment for the recruitment year 2023, bookmark this page to stay updated on the form’s availability.

Better still,if you have any need to be kept informed on NECO Recruitment, kindly drop your email address in the comment section below and we promise to keep you updated when the recruitment exercise starts.

Tips that can get you recruited in the NECO Recruitment


Points to observe for the NECO Recruitment Interview process

We all expect to scale through the online process of this recruitment and be successfully shortlisted; but however, we have not sat down to consider the aftermath of getting shortlisted. There is a lot more to working with an agency or company than just getting shortlisted online. There are lot more steps after then and the most prominent being interview

While at the Interview Venue take note of the following

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Your qualities and skills Is just one part of the requirements of the recruitment officer/ screening officer while conducting an interview. Securing a job nowadays lays greatly on your performance during the interview — how you act, your words and how you present ‘em.

This few points will guide right from your first walk in the door till your last handshake and will as well aid you identify basic business etiquette you can  use to outdo your competition for any job vacancy.


Business etiquette to Note

  1. Appear professional and confident. Be careful of your communication and show that you can interact responsibly and brilliantly. If not, you have just indirectly shown the recruitment officer/ screening officer the following:
  2. You can’t perform well in certain work situations involving work teams or customers
  3. You really do not value or respect your conversation partner.

Take down the following business etiquette as it might not only help you in this recruitment but other ones too.

  • Be prompt.
  • Appreciate the interviewer for taking time to meet with you at both the beginning and end of the interview session.
  • Dress responsibly and appropriately. This cannot be over-stressed. Be moderate in your outfit.
  • Sit only when asked to and not because you assume a sit should be yours. *Very Important*
  • Keep all of your mobile and other electronic devices turned completely off. A phone set to vibrate will interrupt the meeting.
  • Keep a positive and friendly attitude.

Sound Confident

This you can do by making sure you;

  • Take a short Pause before answering so you can allow yourself think and come up with the best answer in the shortest possible time. It also goes a long way to prove to your interviewer that you have considered your answer.
  • It is advisable to Practice your answers before your interview. Already practiced answers make you sound more confident and sure of your abilities.
  • Lastly, try to eliminate the number of times you say um, uh, like, and you know. They make you sound unsure and are very unprofessional.
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Watch your body language

  • Positive Carriage will guide you through. Be optimistic about the outcome and stay relaxed.
  • Answering questions properly
  • If important, ask for clarification. Interviewers admire people who are bold enough to ask questions during their interview. Just do not overdo it.
  • Use clear and concise language. Make sure you are not too fast while speaking. Speak fluently and at a professional pace.

Also On NECO Recruitment

  • Do a deep research on the organization, grab all the information you can about them so that you stand out perfectly where such questions are put out.
  • Demonstrate passion/enthusiasm.
  • In all, always ensure you in every opportunity granted prove that you’re a great fit for the job. Back your enthusiasm up with facts.

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We are sure that will go a long way to help you and will be very useful to you in your interview opportunities. If you need more updates on the NECO Recruitment 2023, kindly drop your email address in the comment section below and we will notify you once the form is out online. Please share this article.

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