Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This is this page that puts forth direct information to you the reader on how we manage information submitted by visitors’ on this site. Users’ collected information is managed in the ways written in the latter part of this article.


The comment box is made available for you to say what you feel about the post or sometimes to declare your interest for a follow up on the update of the post. While commenting, you will be asked to provide contact information like email address and phone number. We’d like that you note that we will not in any way share your personal details with anyone.

Information received by our users are reviewed and saved by us to keep them updated if they find it necessary (by checking the follow-up comment/post boxes).  The safety of your information (your privacy) is our priority. As much as we would like to keep your information safe with us we would also like that you avoid posting irrelevant or abusive comments in the comment box. It is highly advisable to stay away from abusive words or comments with spam content to avoid being kicked out of this prestigious community.

Please if you are in any way unsatisfied or offended by our posts, kindly tell us through the comment box or reach us through the information put out to you on our ABOUT PAGE.  


When you drop a comment through the comment dialog provided, two boxes are shown below with one seeking the permission to keep you updated on new posts on the site. It is advisable to click the box before submitting a comment and then follow it up in your email account to ensure that you stay tuned for all updates on the site.  Your private information like said earlier will not be shared with any third party for whatsoever purpose.

Google Ads and Compliance

Recruitment villa utilizes the Google advertising program (Google Ads). We have in all ways tried to obey Google ad sense rules. If you ever feel uncomfortable with the sight of the ads displayed, please endeavor to opt out from the use of DART cookies through the Google ad content network policy page. This Company uses log files to get visitors referral page, date and time of visit. Log files received are safe with us and will be shared with no other.

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