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Nigerian Navy Past Questions And Answers Free Pdf Download: This article will guide you on how to download the Nigerian Navy Past Question and Answer for free. The broad knowledge of the past question and answers, will give you an advantage during the Nigerian Navy screening exercise.

So if you want to participate successfully in the screening exercise of the Nigerian Navy, then it will be a good idea to download this ebook for free.

nigerian past questions and answers pdf file for download

How to download the Nigerian Navy Past Questions and Answers will be disclosed in this article, kindly read to the end for full updates.

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Sample Questions For The Nigerian Navy Paper

The following are a preview of what to expect in the Nigerian Navy Past Questions and Answers.

  1. The western and eastern Nigeria became self-governed in
  • 1959
  • 1960
  • 1957
  • 1956
  1. Which of the following is the core duty of the Nigeria Navy?
  • Deporting of foreigners
  • Enforcing the law
  • Insurance of Nigerian safety
  • Persecuting of offenders
  1. 3. The first war 1 was between
  • 1911-1914
  • 1914-1916
  • 1916-1918
  • 1914-1918
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  1. The NN was brought out of the Nigerian police force (NPF) in
  • 1958
  • 1946
  • 1964
  • 1956


  1. Lagos became a crown colony in
  • 1862
  • 1861
  • 1841
  • 1886


  1. The NN was formally established by the act of parliament
  • 1957
  • 1963
  • 1976
  • 1964


  1. The first secretary General of common wealth was
  • Arnold smith
  • George Washington
  • Joseph Garba
  • Tulma Goldie


  1. The first African country to introduce e-passport was
  • Ghana
  • Liberia
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa


  1. How many comptrollers general has the NN gotten since the inception till date?
  • 10
  • 12
  • 8
  • 15


  1. The present chief of staff of NN is
  • Boniface Cosmas
  • Uhuru Kayidee
  • Umar Dahiru
  • Usman Jibrin
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  1. ECOWAS was established in headquarter in ____________ and has it Administrative Headquarter in
  • 1967 Lome
  • 1975 Lome
  • 1975 Lagos
  • 1967 Lagos
  1. We had a bull evening because
  • Hardly had the talk begun when the light went off
  • Hardly the talk had begun when the light went off
  • The light had hardly gone out when the talk began
  • The talk had hardly begun when the light had gone out
  1. Okonkwo is a stubborn man, he will never_____his words
  • Bite
  • Chew
  • Eat
  • Spit
  1. Students will always blame their teachers when examination results are Unfavorable
  • Cant they
  • Isnt it
  • Wont they
  • Wont they
  • Wouldn’t they
  1. Kindly____me your book because my friend has ____mine
  • Borrow/ lent
  • Borrowed/ borrow
  • Len/ borrowed
  • Lend/ lent
  1. Three quarters of the church____ painted by members the previous day
  • Are
  • Is
  • Was
  • Were
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How To Download The Nigerian Navy Past Questions And Answers

To successfully download the Past Questions and Answers for the Nigerian Navy, kindly follow the steps below;

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