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We appreciate your interest in purchasing the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation recruitment past questions and answers. The purchase of this NNPC recruitment past questions and answers will go a long way to improve your preparedness for the forthcoming recruitment exercise

This PDF file is a compilation of the NNPC recruitment (Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation recruitment) Past questions and answers.

nnpc screening test past questions and answers

The above picture is a success message from NNPC to a candidate to further his/ her application and start working. While we wish you goodluck with this agency’s recruitment, it is advisable to make great use of the past questions and answers we have compiled for the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation job screening.

It has been created to aid candidates who are sitting the for Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) aptitude test in Nigeria.

This e-book is a compilation of previous examinations by the NNPC. It will give you an inkling of the nature of the NNPC aptitude test questions and will help you prepare better.

Getting this past question is very important cos it will make you Know what to expect. Practicing this time over time will help develop in you an effective test strategy; improve your speed, accuracy and confidence.

The NNPC Past Question possesses over 200 questions. Most questions included in the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation recruitment past questions and answers have been repeated overtime.

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Recruitmentadvert.com has made available an Updated and Comprehensive Version of the NNPC recruitment past questions and answers.

Getting this past question gives you a focused insight of what to expect in the actual examination.

  • 80% of questions contained herein are usually repeated by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation either directly or rephrased.
  • You will easily recall answers to questions if you see them in the exam hall thereby saving you time for other tougher questions.
  • Gives you confidence before you enter the hall for the actual thing.
  • Increases your experience and makes you understand patterns for question from this agency.

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Information Technology


Spatial Orientation

General Sciences

General Engineering

Current Affairs

Diagrams and interpretations

Basic oil and gas knowledge

Some Questions are Given Below

In 1989, how much more than Italy did Germany spend on computer imports?

a. 650 million

b. 700 million

c. 750 million

d. 800 million

e. 850 million

If the amount spent on computer imports into the U.K. in 1991 was 20% lower than in 1990, what was spent in 1991?

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a. 1080

b. 1120

c. 1160

d. 1220

e. 1300


Which countries experienced a drop in the value of computers imported from one year to the next?

a. France & Italy

b. France & Holland

c. Holland & Italy

d. U.K. & Holland

e. Italy & U.K.

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Just so you know, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation has already sent out emails to various people with information on when they would write their ICT Test for NNPC. The date for the screening test has been made official: June 1st.

I believe you already had information about these emails being sent out by the NNPC; that is even the reason you are reading this post. To aid you with preparation for this test and ensure that you will; stand out in the recruitment exercise and move on to the next level effortlessly, we have compiled these past questions and answers for NNPC to aid you ace very well in the recruitment examination.

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We have painstakingly compiled this past question to serve as a major boost for you through your screening ICT test.

Once you purchase this past question, take your time and study and you will do very well in the ICT test slated for June 1st (saturday).

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Below is a screenshot of some of the questions:

nnpc past question and answers for ict screening test

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